In my editing and writing I aim to remember the audience, to respect what the reader already knows, and to remember what the goal of the writing is.

This is a back cover blurb for a book with a strong, outspoken point of view.



How do we make sense of our world? On every continent, in every culture, the world is in turmoil. Nothing seems to be in balance. No matter which great universal teacher we turn to — Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Confucius, Krishna — their followers have turned their teachings upside down and use scripture to justify racism, hatred and murder.

In the middle of this dark and confused modern era a new teacher has come. With refreshing bluntness, HHSMND shines a beam of enlightened common sense on our out-of-control global culture. How did it get so out of balance? And how do we fix it?

This book describes how organized religion and all political systems have become corrupt. We learn that as a species we have tremendous potential, but have lost our way in the rationality and amorality of science. HHSMND writes: “We come to realize the futility of our lives and we then start seeking the absolute truth.” This book makes clear that HHSMND, alone amongst the world’s spiritual leaders, offers the answer — inner spiritual transformation — and explains how this is to be achieved on a large scale.

For some of us, this book will be a challenging read. If we cling to any untruths or self-delusions, we will find them exposed, and held up to the light of wisdom and pure love.